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The Unofficial Doctor Who Companion

by Paul Cornell, Martin Day, & Keith Topping

Introduction by Lou Anders
Foreword by Terrance Dicks


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Paperback; Dimensions (in inches): 6 x 9
Release Date: November 2004
ISBN: 1-932265-9-0
List Price: $15.95

Indispensable, hysterical and brilliant. THE DISCONTINUITY GUIDE is everything the typical television reference manual or episode guide isn’t. As well as being a thorough record of every single plot hole, production goof and dialogue blunder and every fascinating tidbit of Doctor Who history and continuity, THE DISCONTINUITY GUIDE is a brilliant attempt to stitch 26 years of television history into a coherent narrative. Well-thought out and credible explanations are offered for the seemingly irreconcilable or merely obscure bits of the mythos, making this an essential reference for the longtime fan and a hilarious introduction for the new one.

Authors MARTIN DAY, KEITH TOPPING, and PAUL CORNELL have all authored popular Doctor Who novels as well as numerous nonfiction books on television and film. Recently, PAUL CORNELL was selected as a staff writer for the new BBC Doctor Who television series currently in development.

TERRANCE DICKS authored the scripts for some of the most popular Doctor Who episodes.

LOU ANDERS, before becoming editor of Argosy Magazine, was an American correspondent for Doctor Who Magazine.


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