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by Hal Duncan

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Paperback: 128 pages; Dimensions: 5 x 8
Release Date: November 2008
ISBN: 1-932265-25-2
ISBN: 978-1-932265-25-5
List Price: $9.95

A hitman, a hooker, a homosexual kid, and a hobo suicide make the ultimate prison break... escape from Hell itself! Itís Escape from New York meets Jacobís Ladder, by one of fantasyís rising stars.

Four sinners die and go to Hell, a twisted version of New York City, each to their own torment. The four meet, and decide to make a break, guns blazing. Before they manage to escape, they discover Lucifer himself kept prisoner by the angel Gabriel, and in freeing him find themselves facing an angelís wrath. But when news of their attempted escape gets out, the souls of the damned are transformed into a rioting mob, and all Hell truly does break loose.

ďDuncanís writing is fluent and powerful. He possesses an imagination capable of both conjuring worlds and capturing the intricacies of moments.Ē Ė Jeffrey Ford, author of The Girl in the Glass

Scottish author Hal Duncanís critically-acclaimed novel Vellum, one of the most talked about debuts in recent memory, was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award and the Locus Award.

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